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We specialize in transferring small gauge film (8mm, super 8mm, 16mm and super 16mm) to HD and SD digital formats, as well as to analog formats.


Ours is a broadcast quality transfer. A partial list of longstanding clients includes: The National Film Board of Canada, CBC, CTV, CITY TV, TVO and the AGO as well as universities, film co-ops, archives, commercial production houses and independent filmmakers across North America.

An experienced technician is with the transfer for its entire duration, making colour and exposure corrections as needed. All film is hand cleaned and assembled prior to transferring.

Lately a few questions have arisen in the film community about frame-by-frame transfers and how they compare to our telecine transfer. Feedback from our clients who have tried both is that there is no difference in quality, but ours is faster and considerably cheaper than transfers offered by the frame-by-framers.

A lot of frame-by-frame transfer units are simply inexpensive, claw-driven machines that are constructed using old projectors and consumer grade cameras. Film is run at 6fps on the transfer unit and later colour corrected on a computer. It’s a time-consuming process, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that that makes it better quality. The excruciatingly long turnaround times on these transfers are not the result of special care being taken but of how slowly the unit runs.

Motion picture film is designed to run in real time.

We’ve purposely decided not to show samples and comparisons of our transfer on our website. We’ve viewed samples on other websites that have been manipulated on a computer to look ‘bad’ and find the whole process insulting to the viewer’s intelligence. If you’re interested in seeing a sample of our transfer feel free to send us a small amount of your film and we'll transfer it free of charge so that you can see what we can achieve.

-Contact Christian or Margaret for more information-

Niagara Custom Lab is now offering this service 416-504-3927.
-Contact Margaret for more information-